Cristina Galbiati

Cristina Galbiati, born in Italy in 1973, lives in Ticino since 20 years. Director, performer and independent artist, she is co-founder of Trickster-p, a multidisciplinary art project based in Novazzano and Lugano. Among her works there are performances, walks and installations presented in more than 20 Countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America, such as “Book is a Book is a Book” (2020), “Nettles” (2018), “Twilight_choreography for the dying light” (2016), “Sights” (2014), “B” (2012), “.h.g.” (2009), “Come una preghiera” (2007), “La vita avvertenze e modalità d’uso” (2006). Her poetics it is an invitation for the audiences to open up their perceptive space and create their own reality on the boundaries between inner vision and outer sight. In 2017, together with her artistic partner Ilija Luginbühl, she has been awarded one of the prestigious Swiss Theatre Award.

To Speak about the Coaching she offers: The mentoring of Cristina Galbiati will be focused on contemporary theatre, new formats and multidisciplinary projects.

The mentoring work could take place at “la casa del tabacco”, a space of creation and experimentation in the village of Novazzano, few kilometers away from the Italian‐Swiss border and current base of Trickster-p project

Language: Italiano / English / French

Photo: Adrian Moser
Photo: Adrian Moser