Rafaële Giovanola

Rafaële GiovanolaSwiss, born in U.S.A. danced in different companies such as the Frankfurt Ballet by William Forsythe. In 2000 she founded CocoonDance. Since its founding, she produced fifty full-length evenings that have toured through five continents and been invited to showcase festivals in Germany and Switzerland such as the Danceplattform Germany or STEPS.
Since 2010 she is working in Switzerland at the Théâtre du Crochetan where she is artiste associée since 2020. Lately the commissioned production SPHYNX with tanzmainz has been nominated for the FAUST 2022. 
Since 2016 she elaborated a working method strongly focused on improvisation and reflection on the body itself. The search of the “unthrough body” led Rafaële Giovanola and her ensemble the MoveApp to an expanded understanding of the body and movement.

Coaching proposal:
I wish to establish an open conversation with the artist applying and would like to design our meetings according to his/her/their needs and priorities. I would propose a coaching to all artists that are interested on exploring the boundaries of the body. 

  • Support on developing movement research (reflection, artistic feed-back, exchange)
  • Support in composition, use of space, dramaturgy.
  • Exchange of working tules (exploration, description, transmission)

Language: English, French, German

Foto: Joerg Letz
Foto: Joerg Letz